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Taken the other day. Not by me. Ahahah.

I miss her so much.. and someone fucking killed my little cat… she was there for me when i cried.. and then some stupid asshole of a driver fucking kills her!!!!! Why..? Why my little baby… why did she have to leave me…? I hate the twat who did it… angel was my beautiful 6 year old cat. My second eldest… and now shes gone… forever… i miss her so much… she meant the world to me and… im still in shock… i didnt know it happened until i was told… i was out in town for days.. since saturday.. and she gets killed on the sunday. My little angel is gone..! Why…… why my little angel… she was so young… and yet shes gone… i just… i dont know what to do.. or think.. or say… i… i dont wanna believe shes dead… my little girl.. i love you so much.

My dear i would never have thought our dreams would have come true. But darling when youre next to me my heart beats a thousand times. Id give my up my love for you. Everytime you hold me, my heart shines.
I think i found my new profile picture.

no one needs me.
"I’m lonely, and I’m tired of thinking of you again."
Dear god -Avenged Sevenfold (via nerdy-boy-likes-comic-books)

//Fall-Secondhand Serenade//
"We met. We kissed. We fell in love. You left."
10 word story (via alishaaadenise)